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You're Vintage...

So show off your vintage.

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vintage, retro, make, up, make-up, fashion, music, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, period

This is a group for showing off your vintage clothing, make-up, accessories and knowledge!!!


1. We'd love for you to introduce youself!!! But don't just say, "Hi, I'm new"; tell us a little bit about yourself. And if you have a picture of you or some knowledge you want to share thats even better!!!

2. If you are posting more than one photo, please put only one image outside of an Lj-cut. And please make sure the outside photo is no more than 500x500 pixels.

3. Please stay on topic!

4. PLEASE BE KIND!!! No one likes a meany, so be respectful. Constructive criticism is O.K., but dont cross the line of insulting. Rude and offesive comments are not allowed!

3. Keep it clean. This group promotes pin-up and burlesque photos, not pornography. Keep it classy, for the trashy will be deleted and you will be warned.

4. Please try to keep your post topics between the 1920s and the 1960s, please!

4. ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM!!! Related ad and website posts are allowed. Others will be deleted.

5. Frequent offenders will be banned. So, don't frequently offend; We hate banning people.

6. Have fun!!!

The community maintainer is cynicalcharade. And if need be, contact her here.
She is also the moderator until this community gets bigger, then she may add another mod.